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Registered Veterinary Technician

 Jennifer is a graduate of Nova Scotia Agricultural College, class of 2008.  From the age of 6, she has wanted to work in the veterinary field in some capacity.  Throughout school, volunteering and meeting the many pets belonging to family and friends, it has solidified her passion towards working in the field.  Having worked the majority of her career in general practice at Cobequid Animal Hospital, she has seen many advancements in veterinary medicine allowing for better care or our beloved pets.  For a brief year, she ventured off to teach a new generation of Veterinary Technicians.  Loving it immensely, she brought skills back to CAH to pass along to Cobequid and its ever-expanding veterinary team

Jennifer's special interests include nutrition, anesthesia, dentistry and surgery. Working at the Cobequid Animal Hospital allows for the pursuit of these areas that she is passionate about.

Interests outside the clinic include making pet toys, cooking and reading, but her favorite thing to do when not working is to be out hiking and camping. Usually you can find her out exploring beautiful Nova Scotia with her labs Remy and Chester.  Occasionally even her cat, Onyx, will be in tow!