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Registered Veterinary Technician
I was an animal enthusiast from a young age and always knew I wanted to do something animal-related. Around 2006, I was searching for a low-cost spay/neuter clinic for my very vocal, in heat kitty, Nessa. I discovered Vanier College in Montreal, Quebec, a veterinary technician training program. I had no idea vet techs were even a thing until this time! Fast forward years later, I became a student there myself! I graduated in 2016 from the Vanier College Animal Health Technology program. I worked at a vet clinic in N.D.G, Montreal, for over 2 years before moving to Nova Scotia with Nessa in tow. Upon arrival, I started at Cobequid Animal Hospital and have now been here for 2.5 years! When I'm at work, I love being in treatment the most. Nursing hospitalized patients are like food for my soul. I love seeing them get better and go home to their families. Aside from treatments, my favourite thing to do is ear cleaning! The dirtier, the better! So, satisfying!! I love working in a veterinary clinic! No day is ever the same. Some days are crazy, but boy, do you learn a lot. Every day I learn something new. It is exciting, rewarding and the best part is you get to meet so many lovely, adorable and special creatures.