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I would strongly recommend this Clinic to everyone. The staff here treat you with respect and dignity. I am on a limited budget and Dr. Burgoyne went beyond to help me with my cat who was sick. All the girls here are incredible from Darlene at reception to Tammy and Dr. Burgoyne. I cannot thank them enough for all the wonderful things they have done. Keep up the awesome work you do. You make a huge difference.
Karen D.

One of the best veterinary hospitals in the city. The staff is friendly. The veterinarians and vet assistants really love and care about animals. The veterinarians also don’t pressure you to spend more than you can afford, they find the most efficient way possible to treat your pet and leave any major decisions to the owner. The veterinarians go above and beyond to care for your pet as well.

A couple of years ago we found out our furbaby, Angel, had cancer. They gave her some pain meds and we took her back home to make her comfortable. Later that night, we saw she was suffering too much, so I called Cobequid just before they were about to close. One of the vets stayed behind to put our Angel to rest. It was the most devastating night for us, but we didn’t want her to suffer all night. We really appreciate the compassion of the veterinarian and staff members that stayed behind. We were able to spend the time we needed before and after our Angel passed away. About a week later the staff had all signed a card for us with our baby’s paw prints and a clipping of her hair. I’ll never forget the empathy Cobequid Animal Hospital showed during this difficult time. We still miss our baby Angel very much to this day and had the card, her pawprints, her hair clipping and a picture of her framed.

Our other furbabies are happy, healthy, and all still go to the Cobequid Animal Hospital for check-ups and anything else they need. Even when we got our newest furbaby spayed, they kept in contact during the day as to how she was doing and they called a few times after she was brought home to check up on her.

I highly recommend Cobequid Animal Hospital to everyone with pets!
Alicia B.

I would recommend this vet clinic to anyone and everyone. We just love the staff and they will take such good care of your fur babies. We had tried other vets but our dog was just not comfortable with them. When our dog got sick, I could not have asked for a better place for him to be treated.
Mike M.