Cobequid Care Packages

Explore our tailored Cobequid Care Packages for your pet's healthcare needs.

Did you know that your pet seeing the vet once a year is the same as if you were to see a physician only ONCE every SIX to EIGHT YEARS!! How crazy is that? This is exactly why we created Cobequid Care Packages (CCP’s)!

During your pet’s annual check-up, not only will the vet perform a physical exam, but the CCP introduces diagnostic testing as a preventative way to detect possible problems. Before they affect your pet’s quality of life, finding health issues or diseases early is paramount. It often opens up possibilities in treatment that are easy on the animal as well as your pocketbook. During the CCP, we also discuss your pet’s lifestyle, life stage, and diet. We want owners to feel EMPOWERED, knowing they are doing everything possible to make their beloved pet’s life the best it can be.

We worked closely with Idexx, an outside laboratory, to form this send-away package of diagnostics. We hand-picked the tests we want to run to pinpoint specific conditions and your animal’s health status. Available to both cats and dogs, we offer an adult package as well as a senior.

Note: This package is not acceptable for pets that are showing physical symptoms of ailments. In this case, we would use our in-house laboratory equipment, and the results are available within the hour.

If you are interested in Titer testing for your pet before vaccinating, it is available as requested at an additional charge.

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