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Below we have information that can help you be the best pet parent that you can be. We have helpful links, information on puppies and kittens, and more! If there is a specific resource that you would like added, please let us know.

  • Adoption & Rescue Organizations
  • Common Condition Handouts
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • General Information & Client Handouts
  • Lost and Found Pets
  • Microchip, Pet Insurance & Financing
  • New Pet Owners
  • Poison Control
  • Travelling With Your Pets
  • Veterinary Referrals

Microchip, Pet Insurance & Financing

New Pet Owners

Have a new puppy or kitten?

We have resources for you! Click below to download our welcome letter and learn more about how to protect your newest family member.

New Puppy

New Kitten

Travelling With Your Pets

CFIA Pet Import and Travel Requirements

CFIA Protecting Pets When They Travel

Air Canada Guidelines

Porter Guidelines

WestJet Guidelines

*Please check the government regulations of your final destination when travelling with your pet. Each country and airline may have different rules and regulations.