Rehabilitation Services for Dogs

Specializing in rehab services, particularly for senior pets with mobility issues and arthritis.

Here at Cobequid Animal Hospital, our team members completed many hours of coursework and hands-on training to provide specialized rehab services. Our very own Dr. Angie Runnalls has completed her Certified Canine Rehabilitation a Therapy program from the Canine Rehabilitation Institute in 2016. She has a special interest in senior patients with chronic mobility issues and arthritis. If you would like to learn more about our rehab services please call us at 902-865-8110. One of our client care specialists will be happy to take your call.

To refer a patient to Dr. Runnalls for canine rehabilitation, CLICK HERE.

What rehabilitation services do you offer for pets?

Our team is fully-equipped and certified to perform the following services:

  • Manual Therapies: Massage, Stretching, Joint Mobilization
  • Modalities: Laser, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Bed therapy, E-Stim/TENS (Electrical Stimulation) therapy
  • Home exercise programs
  • Education sessions for our clients

Which rehab treatment is best for my pet?

Your pet’s therapy is tailored to their specific presentation and requirement. Our goal is to develop a therapy plan that helps enable patients to achieve a comfortable and active life based on the goals of each individual family. When it comes to rehabilitating dogs and other pets, the focus is on soft tissue rather than on bones and joints. Treatment goals are functional, designed to optimize movement and quality of life for the patient. In many cases, acupuncture provided by Dr. Fernando Moncayo can add additional benefits to your pet’s rehabilitation treatment plan.

Why would my pet need rehabilitation?

Your veterinarian may prescribe rehab for your pet for a wide variety of reasons. If your pet recently underwent surgery, if they go through a lot of strain from sports, if they are senior/geriatric, as well as if they have arthritis, lameness or chronic pain are some of the most common reasons why your veterinarian may recommend rehab.

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