Rabbit Services

Ensure your rabbit's health with vital vet check-ups and parasite protection.

In addition to cats, dogs, and pocket pets, our team at Cobequid Animal Hospital is also well-versed in treating bunnies and rabbits. Over the years, these hip-hoppity creatures have become more and more popular with all kinds of pet parents and families. It is a common misconception that rabbits do not need as much attention as traditional pets. In actuality, they also need constant medical care to remain as healthy as possible. To learn more about our rabbit services and schedule your next appointment, please call us at 902-865-8110.

Can rabbits be left alone?

Rabbits are social animals. Ideally, they should have the company of at least one other rabbit, especially if you are someone who lives on your own or if you are away from home for the majority of the day. Rabbits should not be alone for more than 24 hours straight.

What foods do rabbits eat?

Fresh hay, pellets, fresh vegetables, and clean water are all staples in a healthy rabbit’s diet. When they are younger, alfalfa pellets are best, while Timothy pellets are best for adult rabbits. Your rabbit should have access to hay at all times to prevent hairballs. Remember, when introducing fresh vegetables, do it gradually, especially when your rabbit is still very young.

What housing requirements do rabbits needs?

Rabbits do not necessarily need to be kept in a pen or cage, but it is advisable to place them there while you sleep or when you are not home. Just make sure the pen allows them to stand on their hind legs and hop at least three times in all directions. We also recommend rabbit-proofing your home as rabbits tend to chew on surfaces. For this reason, you can keep your rabbit to one section of your home to protect your belongings, doors, carpet and other objects from damage.

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