Senior Care

Giving your cat or dog the best support and care as they enter their golden years.

Whether you had the pleasure of seeing your pet grow from their kitten/puppy days, or if you have just welcomed a senior pet into your home from a local animal rescue, you are fortunate to be part of your pet’s life at this special stage. With the help of our veterinary team, your pet can stay healthy, active and comfortable during this time. Senior pets need more frequent check-ups and extra attention because they are vulnerable to many health complications. Schedule your next appointment today or find out about our latest services for senior pets by calling 902-865-8110.

What conditions affect older dogs, cats and pets?

Although factors like breed, species and lifestyle mean that each pet will have a different set of health risks, there are common conditions that affect all types of senior pets. Arthritis, diabetes, cancer, senility, and various diseases concerning the heart, liver and kidneys usually develop in geriatric pets.

When do pets become old?

It really depends on their species, breed and size. Cats reach senior age at around 10 years of age. When it comes to dogs, smaller breeds are considered senior at around 10-years-old while larger breeds are senior at around 6-years-old (they tend to have shorter life spans than smaller canines). Other pets like rabbits, for example, reach senior age at around 5 years.

My older pet is behaving oddly – what does this mean and what should I do?

When it comes to older pets, changes in behaviour can often indicate there is an underlying health problem. As your pet’s primary caregiver, you must pay close attention to any changes you observe and report them to your pet’s veterinarian. Pets who are losing their hearing, for instance, may become more irritable/sensitive to sudden movements.

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