Surgical Services

We provide routine and complex surgeries, where your pet gets the best care.

Cobequid Animal Hospital offers a wide range of surgical services – from routine and dental to more advanced procedures. All throughout their lives, your pet may need to undergo certain surgeries to treat injuries, illnesses and as part of their routine maintenance (e.g. spays and neuters). If you wish to learn more about our surgical services for pets, simply drop us a line at 902-865-8110 and one of our client care specialists will assist you with your inquiry.

How long does pet surgery take?

Although factors such as the patient, diagnosis and procedure mean each surgery is unique in its own way, most veterinary surgeries take about 2 to 4 hours to complete.

How should I prepare my pet for their surgery?

You pre-op preparations will depend on your pet’s specific case and your veterinarian will guide you on what you need to do beforehand. Some general steps that are asked of most pet owners are that you arrive on time for your pet’s surgery and that you do not feed them any solid foods the night before.

How should I care for my pet after their surgery?

Rest assured tour team will give you a detailed description/list of everything you need to do at home to ensure your pet recovers quickly and properly. You may have to give your pet specific post-op diets, medications, exercise restrictions, and make changes to their environment.

Is anesthesia safe for pets?

Yes. Please know that we perform tests beforehand to ensure your pet’s kidneys and liver can handle the drug. Anesthesia is 100% essential in order for the veterinarian to safely perform any kind of surgical procedure on your pet. We monitor our patients’ vital signs all throughout the procedure as well.

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